Lao Cooking experience, Luang Prabang

Lao Cooking experience, Luang Prabang

Meal:  Lunch served at the garden

 Lao Cooking Classes: A hands-on experience        (Luang Prabang)

Lao cuisine relies heavily on the freshest produce and incorporates a range of intriguing flavors, many unfamiliar to the western plates. We start with an early morning tour of Luang Prabang’s major food market where we investigate these ingredients and explain their uses. You will then later learn how to pound your ingredients in a mortar & pestle, and cook over an open fire.

Sample dishes include: (Subject to change up on the availability of the fresh produce)

Mok Pa:                   fillet a wild-caught Mekong fish, then steam in banana leaves.

Oa Si Khai:              mince pork stuffed in lemon grass

Chilli Sauce:            grounded fresh chilli mixed with eggplants or tomatoes

Lab Khoi:                 buffalo meat flavored with lime, garlic, fish sauce, mint leaves, etc

Lao dessert             (optional)

Recipes are provided for you to take back home…

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