A Responsible Tourism since 2002

Lao PDR has remarkable natural landscapes, a necessity for authentic tourism experiences. Seventeen percent (38,582km2) of its area is already protected, the two largest national protected areas are Nakai Nam Theun and Nam Et-Phou Louey.

We, Tavanh Travel, have been working hand in hand with our provincial suppliers to support and promote the concept of “sustainable tourism practices” for instance; discourage the concept of elephant riding and observe animals in their habitats. Elephant conservation center and Gibbon Experience are the bestselling tours for those who love nature and wilderness. Another innovative, adventurous and nighttime wildlife-spotlighting is at Nam Et-Phou Louey National Park. The journey is to view rare wildlife and designed to support alternative livelihoods for local people and to generate community support for conservation of tigers and other wildlife.

When on a tour, we would make sure that you have received the most memorable experience possible. Sample Lao food with authentic cooked Lao meals, visit local artisans and their traditional crafts at the villages, guided walk through minorities houses are the ideal in most of our tours.

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