A Responsible Tourism since 2002

Lao PDR has remarkable natural landscapes, a necessity for authentic tourism experiences. Seventeen percent (38,582km2) of its area is already protected, the two largest national protected areas are Nakai Nam Theun and Nam Et-Phou Louey. 

Our company has been supporting and promoting the concept of “sustainable tourism practices" in collaboration with our provincial suppliers. For example, we oppose elephant riding and encourage people to watch elephants in their natural settings. For people who enjoy nature and the outdoors, the Elephant Conservation Center and the Gibbon Experience are the most popular tours. Nam Et-Phou Louey National Park offers another unique, adventurous, and nighttime wildlife-spotting opportunity. 

We would make sure that you had the most memorable experience possible while on a trip. Most of our excursions include authentic prepared Lao meals, visits to local artists and their traditional crafts in villages, and a guided walking through the homes of ethnic minorities.

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