Ethnicity, Textiles, Luang Prabang

Ethnicity, Textiles, Luang Prabang

For those who love doing weaving, arts & crafts, textiles, this program is the best choice. One on one learning and where you integrate into a deep level of ethnic cultures, traditions and their customs. Another highlight of this program is the live  the live fashion show where there are also twenties dresses from different part of ethnic groups in Laos are showcasing here.  

One Day Trip
Meal: Lunch included

06.00am Wake up early to witness hundreds of monks from almost 35temples of Luang Prabang walk in silence, meditating as they collect alms from devotees. Please remove your shoes, dress conservatively – cover your shoulders, chest and legs – be silent and bow your head to show respect to the monks. Besides, take a minute to scroll down the morning market to find fresh locally grown vegetables, spices, fresh Mekong River Fishes, and other medicinal home remedies. There are also plenty of delicious pre-cooked snacks for you to try out.

Back to hotel for breakfast before our full day out exploring the slow pace life in downtown, Luang Prabang.  Visit one of the best engaging, culturally rich learning centers – ethnology museums in Laos to learn more about Laos’ ethnic cultures, their traditions, and customs through the presentation of exhibition center’s director. There is a lot of fascinating details about religious rituals, language, music and history of the diverse ethnic groups of Laos.

After knowing who they are, we will travel out to meet our master craft weaver to learn techniques of weaving, dyeing, and designing motifs. Lao people are very attached to textiles and particular SINH – Lao skirt – where Lao women dress daily and throughout her lifetime. Other forms of textiles that widely used among Lao are wall hangings, sarongs, pillow covers, bags, bed covers, and so on—mostly tell stories of myth and religion. Lunch will be served at the center.

Tonight, dining experience with Ethnic Fashion Show but this is only available on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – Please lets us know before hand on which day would you like to join the show. 

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