Do & Don’t

Most of the tourists traveling in Laos feel welcomed by friendly locals, which express one of the traditions and cultures of Laotian. Perhaps Laos is the country where most of the population is Buddhist. That is the reason why the tradition and culture in Laos always respected. To protect your own safety as well as to protect the beauty of Laos tradition and culture, here are some things you should remember to not do in Laos to sure your  Laos trip is smooth.

Greeting in Laos

The Lao word for 'hello' is 'Sabai dee', usually said with a smile. Touching or showing affection in public will embarrass your host.

Don't Touch or Enter places without permission

There are many other sacred items and sites in Laos. Please do not touch or enter these places without permission.

Don’t Touch the Monk in Buddhist Culture of Laos

Monks are revered and respected in Laos, however women should not touch a monk or a monk's robes.

Don't Touch Someone's Head

Touching someone's head is very, very impolite in Laos.

Don’t Touch or Point the Lao People with Your Feet

In Laos your head is 'high', your feet 'low', using your feet for anything other than walking or playing sports is generally considered rude. Do not point with your feet/toes and do not have your feet raised/or propped up on tables

Don’t Make Public Displays of Affection in Laos Culture

Kissing and hugging in public is impolite; please be discrete!

Bathe Nude or Walk Around with a Bikini is Taboo in Laos

when swimming, you will see Lao people with fully clothed, wrapped in a sarong or even in jeans. Especially, the Lao women swimming they bring a sarong. Once you’re in the water you can take it off but you will avoid uncomfortable stares and blend in better. Additionally, if you walk around the town in swimwear is not culturally acceptable for man or women. So when you go swimming or tubing, remember to bring a shirt or sarong to cover up when you get out of the water. That is really necessary to protect the Laos tradition and culture.

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